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Meet Our Team of Veterinary Professionals

Your pet is in safe hands at Rice Lake Animal Hospital. Ask us about vaccinations, prescription diets, or dental care for your dog or cat. Our team maintains the highest standard of care to keep your pet happy and healthy! The staff at our clinic are committed to optimizing your pet's health through dedicated, compassionate pet care.

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Dr. Brian Woods

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

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Dr. Kaitlyn Cook

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

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Dr. Linette Furseth

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

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Courtney Albee profile photo

Courtney Albee

Veterinary Technician

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Megan Swertel

Veterinary Technician

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Chase Trulson

Veterinary Technician

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Amanda Eastman

Veterinary Assistant

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Traci Waeltz

Office Manager

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Alecia Kennen

Client Services